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Skin Hydration!! 💧

Just thought I'd write a little bit about our skin and how we can help it during these warm days (yes I know we don't get many!) ☀️

💧WATER - One of the easiest and cheapest ways we can help our skin is by drinking water!!!! It's free and is pretty much available everywhere! So don't forget to fill up before going out or going to work and sip as much as you can throughout the day.

💧 MOISTURISER - Skin needs moisture! Some skins produce lots, think oily skin, and some not enough, think dry skin. BUT, even oily skin needs moisturiser! This can help to regulate sebum production and can reduce oiliness. For those with dry or dehydrated skin, moisturiser provides that much needed hydration to stop the skin from drying out completely and cracking.

🧴 SPF - Although not strictly a hydrator, a minimum of SPF 30 should be used every day on our skin to prevent premature signs of ageing from photo damage directly from UVA and UVB rays. Did you know, that these rays actually have the ability to change DNA 🧬!!

💧 SKIN BOOSTERS - We are very fortunate in this day and age that we have many treatments that we can have to scientifically help and improve the hydration levels and appearance of our skin. Skin boosters provide a huge shot of hyaluronic acid directly into the layers of the skin that are the most effective in plumping and hydrating skin!

💧 SERUMS - Hyaluronic acid is the gold star when it comes to skincare! ⭐️ The reason is because it actually holds up to 1000 times its weight in water! It is hydrophilic so attracts the water and then fills up! Dermal fillers are also made of hyaluronic acid so also help with hydration. Serums provide a more intense hit of hydration than most moisturisers so be sure to include this in your skin care routine!

There are many treatments that we have on offer to help improve your skin whether it be hydration, pigmentation or even scarring.

If you would like to book an appt for any of our treatments, you can check the availability and book online at:

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